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Pre-Litigation Papers Have Been Filed in the Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit

Citing demands and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The ongoing saga that is the lawsuit against Xsolla and SoulBound Studios over the abrupt shut down of Chronicles of Elyria has received an update. Here are the details.

The official Discord for the lawsuit provided the update that pre-ligitation papers have officially been provided to Xsolla and Soubound Studios,

“lawyer has filed the pre-litigation letter to give Xsolla and Soulbound an opportunity to pay everyone back, which they won’t.  That has been done.  Now they need to wait 30 days, then file the complaint.  So we are looking at the first week or so of September to file. @everyone”

You can read the Soulbound letter and the Xsolla letter online. It's best if you access their Discord with the link above, however. Here’s an excerpt from the Soulbound Studios letter,

“Soulbound purported to develop the game, Chronicles of Elyria (hereinafter “CoE”), and induced a following of approximately 250,000 community members.  It generated in excess of $8 million in  total  sales  for  the  game.    Mr.  Falls  individually  has  spent  more  than  $20,000  towards  CoE’s  development.  To date, Soulbound has little or nothing to show its consumers, and investors, for their money.”

It continues, citing demands,

“We  hereby  demand  that  Soulbound  (1)  cease  and  desist  from  further  refusal  to  refund  costs  associated with CoE, and (2) make full restitution to all purchasers of money obtained from pre-order sales of CoE.  It is further demanded that Soulbound preserve all documents and other evidence which refer or relate to any of the above-described practice including but not limited to its dealings with Xsolla (USA), Inc. and Kickstarter regarding the sale of CoE, as well as all customer records for pre-order of CoE.”


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