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Pre-Alpha Testers Being Invited in for a Looksee at a Literally Growing Game

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Visionary Realms has hit a huge milestone today when the doors to Patheon: Rise of the Fallen swing open for pre-alpha testers. Players will be able to explore Thronefast and "literally see the game grow around them as they help us squash bugs, offer feedback and be a part of the development of this grand MMORPG, arguably earlier than public has ever been invited into an MMO -- while there's still grayboxing!"

If you've been on the fence about joining us in this historical event, Originator's packages are still available until December 20th, after which they will no longer include Pre-Alpha access.

But just because we're opening the doors today doesn't mean we don't have a boatload of great content for you today as well.

Find out what Forrest and Tod have been up to in bringing life to the NPCs in the world, complete with new high-rez art! And if that isn't enough, we follow up with Bruno, whom you met in our Technical Art stream in September. Bruno's got some new tricks to show you with the grass of Terminus where you'll also get to see some all-new screenshots. And to finish things off, we have a chat with Wandidar, this month's Community Spotlight member.

Check out the full newsletter on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site.


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