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Post-Apocalyptic ‘Stalker’ MMORPG ‘Stay Out’ Available on Steam With Holiday Event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Post apocalyptic Stalker-like MMO, Stay Out, is now available on Steam alongside a holiday event.

This Stalker-inspired post-apocalyptic F2P MMORPG is out now on Steam Early Access. Some key features include:

  • Massive open world
  • Recreated realms of the former USSR
  • Accurate post-soviet 90’s architecture
  • Realistic weapons and equipment
  • RPG elements with experience, skill, and profession systems
  • A player-driven economy with an open-trade system
  • Survive a harsh and desolate environment
  • Encounter mutants and anomalies
  • Solve the mysteries of the Zone
  • Interact and group up with other players or fight against for valuable supplies

A holiday event sees players roaming as a massive cookie in Gingerbread Madness, or visiting Father Frost in the all-new “N-Town.” The seasonal, Gingerbread Madness mode lets one lucky player rampage across the landscape as the sugar-frosted titan, while nineteen other players must scramble to fill their cars with goodies. While guns are conspicuously absent from this strange new battleground, bold players can gather fireworks to launch at the beast in hoped to slow down its pursuit. The winning player being the one to have stashed the most boxes when the round ends.

Stay Out is available now for free on Steam Early Access. You can check out the Gingerbread Madness event, or visit “N-Town” beginning on December 23 and can look forward to a snow fort competition after December 25. All holiday events will be available for players through the end of January 2020.


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