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Post-Apocalyptic Action MMO 'Crossout' Receives Amusement Park

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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An amusement park has arrived for post-apocalyptic action MMO Crossout on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here’s what’s in store.

You’ll be able to design and build your own amusement park with this update. You can also test drive your armored vehicles and have your friends over to see your latest creations. Additionally, d destructible environment objects for PvP maps have been added. A new special game mode designed for close combat focused vehicles armed with pin spikes, chainsaws, and drills has also been included.

To access the amusement park, check out the building zone next to the player’s garage at the training ground. You can fill the place with stunt rumps, giant bowling pins, carousel horses, exploding red barrels, dummy armored vehicles, guard towers and more.

New objects for the park are unlocked basically by playing the game. All prizes that have an impact on battle performance are available for free, but an optional battle pass speeds up the progress and gives access to extra cosmetic items.


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