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Population Zero's Latest Patch Focuses on Optimization

Plus gameplay improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Population Zero patch focuses on optimization for frame rates.

Specifically, the patch makes mention of:

  • Framerate optimization while the character is moving
  • Decrease of the effect that UI and character’s foot prints have on overall performance

Gameplay was also a focus for the patch,

  • The chance of a character receiving Sprained Ankle injury has been decreased, and the duration of this effect has been reduced to 20 minutes
  • Gas Collector now functions differently:
    • if the device is placed in a proper area it takes 5 minutes to accumulate the required amount of gas, the player can take the gas within 20 minutes before the device disappears
    • if the device is placed in a wrong area, it disappears after 20 minutes
    • at any given moment when the device has not yet collected gas it can be put back to the inventory

The patch also touched on quests, resources, account progression, visuals, animations, sound, UI, texts, and bug fixes. There are two more patches planned for the May roadmap, with Stage 3 rolling out on May 21 and Stage 4 rolling out on May 28. Both of these patches are said to bring further performance improvements.


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