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Population Zero Team Details Weapons & Prepping for War

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The latest developer blog post for Population Zero has appeared on the game's Reddit. This time, the focus is on the weapons that players will need to have on hand in order to survive the game world. "You have no chance to traverse the wild lands of Kepler without fighting. To meet the dangers and solve the mysteries of the planet, colonists need various weapons to defend themselves," the blog reads.

Players will have a number of weapon choices at their disposal, each with its own duties. Of course, all will begin with bare knuckles fighting abilities with their fists. They don't do much damage, but they are....always on hand. 

Weapons will be focused on specific damage types including slashing, piercing and crushing. "Different types of damage are also useful for obtaining different resources."

Weapons can be constructed from a variety of materials as well. Luckily, materials are easily found on the planet surface and the weapons themselves are relatively easy to construct.

Stone weapons are most basic in the game. Axes, knives and hammers made from stones have average damage and deteriorate quickly. Stone ferrules can be replaced with hull fragments scattered on the spaceship crash sites. Though these weapons are easily broken, they allow to get resources and fight very efficiently.

Read the full post on the Population Zero Reddit.


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