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Population Zero Patch Today Brings Hotfixes, Quality of Life Improvements

Plus more changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Population Zero will receive another patch today, bringing UI changes, hotfixes, and more.

UI changes are aplenty and include the following:

  • “Early Access” notification window has been added to the game. It appears every time the player opens the lobby
  • The “Back” button has been added to account and game mode selection screens
  • The dark background in Credits has been removed
  • When playing as the Void, only friends can see your nickname
  • Public cocoon markers become visible on the global map starting from Account Level 3
  • The buttons in the character and game mode selection menus now look the same. The background opacity in these menus has been removed
  • The silhouette in the inventory screen now matched the chosen character gender

The patch also addressed gameplay, friends, resources, mobs, the global map, texts and localization, performance, and issues:

  • that led to the absence of final blow sound effect when hitting a mob
  • that led to NPCs’ arms becoming invisible
  • when players could not get out from some of the geysers in the Anomalous Region
  • that broke the polygon mesh in one of the rocks on the global map

The team also notes that this patch should only affect new realms.


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