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Population Zero Patch Brings Several Improvements to Gameplay, Visuals, Perks, and More

Plus aggressive NPCs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Population Zero patch brings with it a large content update touching on gameplay and visuals.

Technical improvements have also been introduced in the patch, specifically targeting mid-ranged PCs. The perk system seems to have received a large rework, seeing a rebalance, in addition to some older perks being discarded as new perks are introduced.

NPCs are now more aggressive as well. These NPCs are called Outcasts and reside in various camps. These camps will have loot in them, so go for it and raid. The map itself received several upgrades, such as new assets.

In addition to these tweaks, several issues were addressed and fixed, including:

  • Fixed an issue:
    • that led to gaps and tears between the female character’s limbs and body
    • that upon respawning in the Main Hub kept the Sprained Ankle injury after death in the Drop Zone
    • that allowed voids to follow an aerial attack with another hit
    • when void’s strong attack did not deplete the stamina bar
    • when mobs sometimes slid when switching between targets
    • when the player could not see the “Help” button over the knocked down colonist
    • that prevented to destroy one of the leaves of Tier 3 gates
    • that prevented the player from filling the big flask to the full (50 swallows)
    • that prevented the player from taking the last swallow from the flask
    • that prevented the player from building a campfire/container/cocoon after a failed attempt
  • Stash Container destructibility has been improved
  • Lime and coal hitboxes have been improved


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