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Population Zero Devs Introduce the Faction System

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The Population Zero team has a new post on the game's Reddit that provides readers with a first-look at the faction system. As players travel through the world, they will meet the denizens of the planet. Each faction is an "essential part of Kepler's lore" and will offer players an opportunity for unique stats, leveling and crafting systems and they also affect the "plot movement and character's development".

The first time a player loses human form, they will be sent off on a quest to choose which of two factions to join. First stop is Void, the "first stage of evolution and faction-based gameplay".

  • Void offers more "survivability, strength and resistances". They cannot be poisoned and have more damage and endurance. They can find unique things. The drawback is that they can't "build, craft objects, wear armor or wield weapons". 

Colonists can look into these factions:

  • Technocrat - "colonists who chose to go back to the human-ish roots", though not 100% human. Players will need to find an "implantation module" that "fights the transformations that change them during rebirths". These folks attuned to technology and are more adept with devices and tools.
  • Xenobiote - those who "unify with nature" in a "symbiosis between Kepler's flora and fauna". This allows "for both fast crafting, weapon building, and construction". 

Curious? If so, head to the Population Zero Reddit to read more.


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