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Population Zero Coming to PC In May

Releasing Buy-To-Play May 5th

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Population Zero, the upcoming survival MMO from Enplex Games, have announced that they are bringing their new game to PC this coming May. Hitting digital shelves May 5th, Enplex also announced that the studio has shifted to a buy-to-play model with this release.

Population Zero was originally slated to be a free-to-play game, however Enplex explains the move to buy-to-play was in order to make the "best possible game for players."

“The decision to change the monetization model from F2P to a one-time purchase has been made after a series of thorough discussions within the team and core community,” said Enplex Games Creative Director Denis Pozdnyakov via a press release. “The shift to B2P will allow the studio to continue the work on the game without fears of ‘pay to win’, as well as allowing us to release new game content that really enhances the gameplay.” 

Population Zero will include microtransactions in the form of cosmetics according to the release, stressing that these items will not affect gameplay at all. Population Zero will launch onSteam Early Access on May 5th for $29.99, though it will receive a 10% discount during the EA period. 

We recently interivewed the developers of Population Zerodiscussing everything from business model to the games DNA. You can read that interview in full here. Also, catch the Steam announcement trailer below.


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