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Population Zero Breaks Down PvE and PvP Modes Ahead of Early Access Release

Explains more fully the 7-day cycle

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Population Zero is coming down the homestretch as it gears up for its upcoming early access release, and the team is taking some time to explain the PvE and PvP modes in the survival game. In a post on the official Facebook page, Population Zero breaks down the two modes and how its 7-day cycle plays into them.

Population Zero has separate PvE and PvP modes, giving players the choice as to whch they want to take part in. When players start a 7-day cycle, they will join a standard PvE mode. According to the post, this means players can't damage one another and deal status effects to another player, your corpse can't be looted by another player, and you're unable to interact with another player's stuff. 

Once you reach Account Level 2, you'll unlock the Standard PvP mode, raising the stakes as you journey through Kepler. This means you can (obviously) inflict pain on your fellow adventurers, but also changes The Void work, such as how much experience points you gain from slaying colonists while in Void Form. 

PvE players can also check out an Alternative PvE mode, granting 150% experience points for completing the 7-day cycle, as well as an alternate questline, while PvP players can join Ironman Mode with permadeath. 

You can check out the full post on the official Facebook page for Population Zero. Additionally, in case you missed it, the team recently released a video showcasing the development progress of the survival game. You can check that out here.


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