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Population Zero Addresses Launch Concerns After Rocky Early Access Release

Fixes outlined

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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It looks like Population Zero’s recent launch has been mired with issues as the team issues a statement outlining upcoming fixes.

The post, written by Creative Producer Denis Pozdnyakov, straight away begins with a refreshingly blunt apology to the community,

“No sugar-coating and straight to the point - please accept our sincere apologies for how the launch of Early Access has gone so far.”

Denis continues, citing that players are entitled to a refund if they feel their experience wasn’t met with the launch product. If this is you, reach out to their Support Team if you need help. It looks like there are three primary issues that the team is looking at: Friend invites, server stability, and Commander Edition pricing policy.

The friends invite system is implemented via Steam, but the team recognizes that this isn’t necessarily easier for players. To that end, they’re working on an in-game solution which will also address creating groups. They’re patching a system today which should help the current Steam invite system in the meantime.

Server stability is set to be addressed with a series of hotfixes in the coming days. The Commander Edition pricing policy seems to be a more involved topic which stems from the fact that the package cost more in the initial pre-order period on the site than it later would on Steam. To that end, Denis cites a couple of reasons for this,

“Firstly, it was a mistake to use the same names of the Founder Packs for the pieces of DLC and bundles on Steam. The latter did not have many items that Founder sets did. Secondly, we were wrong when we set the price for these packs as low as we did. We made the decision to remove all the DLCs from Steam for now and give the players who pre-ordered them via our website some in-game compensation. It may come in form or cosmetics or steam keys for your friends. Stay tuned for the news on that, as we’ll be posting about it here.”

The next couple of days will see the publication of their May and June roadmap, with a 2020 roadmap coming sometime later.


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