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Plunder Tamriel's Dungeons for Rewards in The Elder Scolls Online's Undaunted Celebration

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With the Deadlands expansion freshly out in The Elder Scrolls Online, there’s still lots of other content to do even outside Oblivion. The Undaunted Celebration starts next Thursday and if you complete any of the four player PvE dungeons, you’ll earn some pretty nice rewards.

You can get started by going into any dungeon or completing the intro quest “Glory of the Undaunted”, which you can find in the Crown store. So what will you get during this special event? Slaying the bosses in a dungeon is always rewarding, but this time is extra rewarding because the first time you defeat a certain dungeon boss every day, you’ll get a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box and two event tickets. You’ll get standard Undaunted reward boxes for defeating the bosses all other times that day. These boxes can contain items like treasure maps, survey reports, valuables to sell, undaunted keys, crafting materials and more.

The higher tier box has a chance to include the regular reward box and is guaranteed to give you an Opal weapon style page. Opal weapon style drops are only guaranteed in the Glorious tier boxes, but there’s a rare chance to find one in the regular boxes as well. Speaking of Opal weapons, this event marks the first time you can get The Chokethorne Opal Weapon style.

The event tickets can be collected and traded with the Impresario for items like Unstable Morpholith pet fragments, style pages for Opal weapons, masks, and shoulders, and more. Morpholith pet fragments, if you get them, will give you a chance to potentially have a last shot at the Doomchar Plateau House collectible.

If this sounds like your thing, take on Tamriel’s four player dungeons from Thursday, November 18 through Tuesday , November 30 at 10 AM Eastern. For more, see the full announcement at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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