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Plunder and Capture All-New Sea Forts as Sea of Thieves Opens Season Six

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 It's season six for Sea of Thieves, with all new features including Sea Forts, and more changes that will support the ongoing narrative focus of the game. 

If you’re looking for an ongoing available challenge, there are six new Sea Forts for combat encounters that you can find, explore, and take on short encounters with scaling difficulty depending on how  large your crew is. Each region has an explorable Sea Fort for a total of six new ones in the game. When you locate one, if it has a raised flag and lights it will be active and defended so when you approach and hear the warning bell prepare to be attacked by Phantoms. 

It will indeed be Phantoms that attack you in waves as you enter and explore the new Sea Forts. Before you're able to clear the fort, you'll have to face a Captain as the final boss battle. The Captain won't be alone because there will also be additional Phantoms. Of course, this being Sea of Thieves, and lots of loot and treasure to find, there will be hidden treasure as well as rewards for the completion. If you clear the fort you can also claim the fort for your crew for as long as you can. you can also protect any potential challengers using the mounted cannons and resources you find inside. It's definitely another level to make the adventure your own. As long as you are able to hold it it will be yours. 

Season 6 brings the brand new Plunder Pass that will let you unlock new rewards as you progress through the season. Progression has also been refreshed with trials and deeds for both new and veteran players with goals for weekly, monthly, and seasonal achievements. With the introduction of Sea Forts, you will earn Renown by visiting Sea Forts, defeating Phantoms, and opening their treasuries.

There are a series of fixes expanding the evolving narrative, although more will be coming soon including content for Pirate Legends and new features later in the season. You'll also be able to play through the new featured Adventures.

For the entire update, which also features a number of fixes and accessibility content, as well as full details on seasonal rewards, see the Season Six announcement at Sea of Thieves 


Christina Gonzalez

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