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PlayStation Is Epic's Largest Fortnite Earner With iOS Among Smallest Revenue Sources As Trial's Opening Arguments Begin

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The Apple-Epic Games lawsuit is still ongoing, and new court documents show where Epic makes its money for Fortnite. Surprisingly the lead platform isn't PC, but rather the PlayStation 4, according to a new deposition. For Apple, the most important thing to note is how small the cut is on iOS, as documents show it's one of the smallest earners for Epic.

The documents, as reported by The Verge last week, show that iOS revenues made up just 7 percent of the total amount brought into Epic Games from Fortnite, with PlayStation 4 taking home the largest slice of the pie chart with a whopping 46.8 percent.

Xbox One, meanwhile, sees 27.5 percent of the revenue flow to Epic, while the remaining 18.7 percent are made up of PC, Android devices and the Nintendo Switch.

It makes a bit more sense why Epic was willing to potentially alienate the mobile platform holders with the lawsuit since the vast majority of the income from  Fortnite comes from console. For its part, Epic has noted, per The Verge, that iOS only accounted for 10 percent of Fortnite's daily average players, so it further clarifies why it was so willing to take on Apple in the lawsuit. 

Apple and Epic's opening arguments for the trial began today, with both parties arguing what we've been hearing for months, with Apple arguing that the App Store and its policies do not violate anti-trust, while Epic playing up Apple's "walled garden" and that opening up iOS wouldn't be a detriment to the platform's security.


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