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Players Being Refunded for Basic Building Mats Purchases

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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As part of the big changes coming to Landmark, the basic building materials will have the resource cost eliminated. Dirt, ice, sand, snow and stone were, however, once part of a Marketplace package. As a result, when the server wipe is implemented, any players who purchased these basic materials will find some compensatory goods added to their accounts. These "orbs of reclamation" can be traded for a different bundle of equal cost.

For every Builder’s Bag or Builder’s Chest you purchased of any of the now-free resources, you’ll receive an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclamation.

  • 1 Builder’s Bag = 1 Orb of Reclaimed Energy
  • 1 Builder’s Chest = 5 Orbs of Reclaimed Energy

You’ll also receive a Resource Reclamation Chest, which is a prop you can place on your claim, and which you can use to exchange Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for the tier 1 or tier 2 resource bundle (complete list of available resources is below) of your choose.

  • Orb of Reclaimed Energy = 1 Builder’s Bag
  • 5 Orbs of Reclaimed Energy = 1 Builder’s Chest

Read the full details on the Landmark forum.


Suzie Ford

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