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Players & Fans Gleefully Chasing Down the Mystery of The Whisper & an Unknown Ship

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It appears that there is a new secret mission that unfolds inside the "Taken" public event on Io in the Lost Oasis location. Once the champion has been defeated, a portal, and a 20-minute secret mission, appear. Called The Whisper, the known goal is to complete a platforming map and take down the final part of the mission which features waves of Taken and three tough bosses. But wily Redditors have determined that there is much more to The Whisper than meets the eye. BEWARE SPOILERS.

Redditor Mblim771_Kyle discovered that there are a series of hidden chests and "Oracles next to a Vex gate that shows a Vault of Glass on the other side". As players move closer to the portal, seven Oracles appear, but only if all of the hidden chests are found (there are 5). In addition, the Oracles must be shot in the correct order that will then provide players with a ship blueprint. 

Thing is...no one knows what the ship is exactly.

To find out will require players to complete The Whisper three times, each with a different weekly modifier. This week is obviously the first (Arc Singe in the heroic version). Next the second and the week after, the third and final. Only then will the ship's look be revealed.

In the meantime, lorehounds are hard at work trying to determine what, if anything, the Vault of Glass is and what it means to the story. As Eurogamer put it, "Are [Guardians] in an alternate dimension? An alternate timeline? Both? Or perhaps we're in both places at the same time. The Vex work in mysterious ways."

Read more at any of the links above, or check out the video of The Whisper and the discovery of the mysterious gate below.

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