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Player Racks Up Nearly 270K Gold Bounty With Claims of Killing Everything in Skyrim

Casey Bell Posted:
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A Skyrim player, known as Redditor Amelix34, claims to have annihilated every killable entity in Bethesda's decade plus old RPG. Their posted stats boast a body count of 3,310 people, 693 animals, 401 creatures, 947 undead enemies, 55 Daedra, and 98 Automatons, totaling over 5,400 deceased NPCs. The killing spree resulted in a staggering lifetime bounty of 267,000 gold.

Commentary on the achievement was divided between awe and humor, with one player quipping, "Congratulations! You are the true world-eater." Ironically enough, Amelix34's weapon of choice was Dawnbreaker, a weapon intended for combating evil.

Addressing the challenge of adventuring throughout Skyrim with an astronomical bounty, Amelix34 explained, "can't arrest you if they're dead." While it’s not possible to verify the murderous Dovahkiin’s claims, another bloodthirsty Skyrim adventurer shared a post with similar figures years ago.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was originally released in 2011 and remains popular largely due to a combination of regular re-releases (to the point of being meme fodder) by Bethesda and enduring community support in the game’s still thriving modding scene. Perhaps Amelix34 should take on some incredible mods, such as Enderal, and see if they can repeat their carnage in a different world built upon Skyrim’s base.


Casey Bell