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Player Progression Takes Centerstage in Latest Dual Universe Blog

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The Dual Universe site has been updated with a new developer blog to lay out the first details about player progression in the forthcoming MMO. The article delves into the Talent System, "one of the major ways that you'll be able to build and specialize your character in the world of Dual Universe".

Talents will be spread across four areas at the beginning and "are planned to touch nearly every single feature and become a main pillar of the game". Players will gain access to basic character stats, digging & terraforming, mining and tool & element unlocks early in the game. Each category will expand over time as more talents are added and new categories will be added as well. 

The Talent System is a time-based progression model during which you will get more and more training points. Featured as part of the talent tree is a talent queue. Based upon what talents you wish to acquire, you may queue various talents in your training queue. This will allow you to set-up, plan, and prepare your talent acquisition for an extended period of time. Should you decide not to train anything in the queue, a portion of your talent points will be saved in your talent point bank, ready to be used at any time.

Keep in mind that not utilizing the talent queue means acquiring points at a slower rate. Avoid taking too much time deciding, as you’ll pay in total points what you gain in flexibility.

The post finishes up with a caveat that the Talent System is not complete during the alpha phase of development and that testers feel "hamstrung at the beginning". However, given that the system is not finalized, there is much more iteration on the system to come.

You can read the full post on the Dual Universe site.


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