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Player-Made Dungeons to Debut in Shroud of the Avatar Release 63

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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When Release 63 goes live in Shroud of the Avatar later today, player-made dungeons will make their official debut, "including a system to level up these dungeon encounter rooms". Portalarium is adding a single encounter type for this update but "it'll be added to multiple different rooms" as a proof of concept. All progress made by players in leveling up the room will be saved going forward.

Players will also find a juicy number of other updates to SotA including the addition of Tridents, the arrival of Envy Angel and a ton of quality of life improvements across the board and, in particular, with significant updates to the UI. 

Release 63 is the second release in which we focused on the current iteration of our Top 10 Priorities (from Q1 2019 Schedule Update). We made progress on almost every single priority including Quality of Life (Automatic Reward Claiming, Reduced Item Prices, POT Deco Limits Increased, Lot Deed Upgrading with Crowns), User Interface Polish (In-Game Crown Shop Improvements), Seasonal Content (Envy Angel), Systems Polish (Pronged Weapons), bug fixes, more Player-Made Dungeon pieces, and the first work on spawning in Player-Made Dungeons!

Check out the full post on the Shroud of the Avatar site.


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