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Player-Led EVE Online Event, Frigate Free For All, Happening This Saturday

Over 4K Ships To Give Out For The FFA

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EVE Online's player exploits are legendary within the video game world. Large scale wars, Cold War-esque spy thrillers and more have littered EVE's history, but so have some of the player run events intended to bring capsuleers together. This weekend will see one such event, the 7th annual Frigate Free For All.

In a blog post by EVE Online player Rixx Javix, the large event will be hosted on Saturday, March 6th at 16:00 UTC/EVE time (that's 11am ET/8am PT for us here in North America) and will feature players duking it out in Frigates for a morning of fun and lots and lots of explosions.

Organized by Javix and his two corporations, Stay Frosty and A Band Apart, last year's event saw "just shy of 6,000 ship explosions," and this year Javix mentions that the event has over 4,000 frigates to hand out, for free, to players looking to just have some free-for-all EVE fun.

Javix talks in the blog post about creating an environment where players can enjoy EVE Online's PvP without the worry or stress that usually comes with losing a ship.

"No matter what you do inside the game, this is your chance to experience the excitement of PvP without the worry or stress. We have pilots from all over who come to these and enjoy themselves. Many of our own pilots came to Stay Frosty from experiencing their first taste of PvP at one of our FFA Events. Who knows? The next one might be you."

The Frigate Free For All will take place in the Ouelletta system, and the organizers Stay Frosty and A Band Apart state that players can dock in one of the Freeport Citadels in the system and request a ship as many times as players want during the event.

CCP Games, the developers of EVE Online will be streaming the event, as well as other EVE streamers during the course of the Frigate Free For All, so if you're interested in checking it out, but from afar, you can head to the CCP Twitch channel Saturday. 

For full details of the Frigate Free For All, check out Rixx Javix's blog.

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