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Player Concert Weatherstock Returns To The Lord of the Rings Online For Its 15th Year

Coming July 22nd To A Weathertop Near You (But on Landroval)

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Weatherstock, the epic in-game, player-organized concert series in The Lord of the Rings Online is returning for its 15th year, its organizers announced this week. The concert will take place on July 22nd, though a concert series will also happen this weekend to whet player's appetites. 

Weatherstock is much more than the day-long festival at the ruins of the great watchtower of Amon Sul, as the Weatherstock Concert Series sees a two-day event take place at The Hill in Hobbiton this weekend. In a post to the LotRO forums, one of the organizers and LotRO streamer Druidsfire laid out the festivities with the concert series kicking off Saturday, July 15th.

"As usual, we will be hosting the longer-form Weatherstock Concert Series leading up to the big event this weekend, Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th on the summit of a more modest but equally famous hill... THE Hill, in fact, atop Bag End in Hobbiton itself. Or, as I like to say, we're gonna dance on Lobelia's roof!"

The main event, Weatherstock XV, takes place on Weathertop itself July 22nd, running all-day starting at noon Eastern/9am Pacific. The event sees a new band take the stage every fifteen minutes all through the event, culminating in the Lonely Mountain Band's Mega-Band set closing things out. The full event will be streamed on Druidsfire's own Twitch channel, though if you catch it in-character yourself you can earn some in-game goodies, as well as a character title.

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Any character on Landroval is invited to the festivities, and if you're worried about getting killed while on Weathertop itself (assuming you're a new character coming from another server), the organizer's security team will be there to make sure Amon Sul remains Orc-free for the duration of the event.

Weatherstock has become a premiere player-organized event over The Lord of the Rings Online's history, and as someone who never played on Landroval, it's an event that would see me and friends flock to the server every year just to check it out in character. It's a testament to the LotRO community that it's received the support that is has year after year, and a sign that the player community in this game is among the best in any MMO.


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