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Play the Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands Prologue For Free Right Now

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The Gates of Oblivion are closing soon. That is, if you're willing to adventure and face the dangers you’ll come across in the effort to close them again. If you are planning to take on the conclusion of the year-long story content for the Elder Scrolls Online,  you can get started now. In fact, the ZeniMax team has released the Deadlands prologue to play through now free for all ESO players across platforms, regardless of whether you’ve preordered the DLC or not.

So what's in this prologue? It will lead directly into the Deadlands DLC when that's released, so this is just a taste. There are two main quest components to complete. Find the Dremora Lyranth and take on her latest objectives. You'll explore the plans Mehrunes Dagon has for Tamriel and what perils may be on the way. If you complete both of the prologue quests, there's a reward for you, the Grave Elegance mask.

The prologue arrives just as a new event starts too. The Bounties of Blackwood is a community event for those who already own the Blackwood chapter. Those who are eligible can travel to the six locales in the zone and take on the challenges. Once the Bounties of Blackwood meters rise to certain predetermined amounts, rewards will be unlocked. 

If you own Blackwood, and the prizes are unlocked, you'll still be able to claim them from the Crown Store even if you don't actually get to participate. A final reward, which the team promises will be worth your efforts, will be unlocked at 100% completion but won't be revealed until the upcoming Gates of Oblivion year-end stream. 

The Deadlands prologue is available now, and the Bounties of Blackwood event runs from today through October 12th, or until 100% unlocked. For more, head to the Bounties of Blackwood event hub.


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