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Plans for Future Episodes Beyond Episode 1

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With Shroud of the Avatar ready to officially launch Episode 1 in the relatively near future, the team is beginning to look at the future. In a new post on the official forums, Starr Long has revealed the long term plan for SotA that includes four new episodes, ships that will include ship-to-ship combat, Elven race, player-owned dungeons, Discord integration, more character customization, a companion mobile app, map improvements, animal husbandry and much, much more.

The beauty of being an online game is that we can continue to expand the game well beyond the confines of the launch of our first episode. That means we get to dream big! Here is a first draft of everything we would like to add to the game post launch of Episode 1. Some of these will get included in regular monthly updates (yes we plan to do those forever) while some will be part of future episodes. These are presented in no particular order and some are better explained than others. This was formerly known as the “2 Year Plan” (as made famous by my tongue in cheek vocal rendition in the last telethon) but as we continued to add features to it we quickly realized that there was more to this than might fit in just 2 years so we have renamed it to simply “Post Episode 1 Plan”. This also of course includes the plans for further episodes. Please note that none of these are committed features and none of these have final designs of any kind. This is just a very early draft that is the result of some quick brainstorms and ideas we accumulated when we are not crazy busy trying to finish Episode 1.

Check out the extensive list and the community response by visiting the Shroud of the Avatar forum.


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