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Planetside Arena Makes Changes To Pain Field To Help Speed Along Low Pop Matches

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fans of Planetside BR, PlanetSide Arena, may want to pay attention to this one. The team are making changes to the pain field in order to help speed up low population matches.

The patch, which should be live now, includes enhancements to the weapon underbarrels to make them more intuitive, and communication with Squadmates who are still alive while you’re spectating. Performance optimizations and combat improvements are also included.

Here’s a snippet below specific to pain field improvements. Check the full notes here. If you missed it, check out our preview of PlanetSide Arena here.

·  Dynamic Pain Field Improvements:

  • In order to escalate squad engagement more quickly during low-population times, we’ve made several adjustments to the location Squads drop in and pain field behavior. During lower population matches, Squads will deploy closer to the initial safe zone and in proximity to other Squads.  In addition, depending on match population thresholds being met, the time between phases and speed at which the pain field moves will vary – the lower the population, the shorter the wait times between phases and faster the pain field migration.


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