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Planetside Arena Details Weapons in blog post ahead of Sept 19 launch

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New weapons were outlined in a blog post for Planetside Arena ahead of its September 19 launch.

These include Primary/Secondary Weapons:
  • NS-11A: Fully automatic rifle offers a solid all-around combat option

  • Pulsar VS: Alternate assault rifle option features low-recoil and moderate mid-range damage

  • MKV Suppressed: Good hip fire accuracy, with a built-in suppressor to conceal your presence 

  • VE-S Canis: This alternate SMG option offers high RPM (rounds per minute) that increases the longer its fired

  • Tanto: Versatile, precise mid-range rifle most effective when fired in bursts

  • Solstice VE3: Alternate mid-range rifle option with increased max ammo capacity

  • M2: Offers a large-capacity magazine with excellent stopping power in close quarters

  • Maw: Slightly poppier LMG option features a smaller magazine and quicker reload speeds

Sidearms and Power Weapons were also revealed:

  • NS Heavy Blaster: Slow firing 6-shooter that packs a big punch.

  • Pilot .45: Solid close-range option fires a 3-round burst with surprising stopping power.

  • Spiker: Vanu Burst sidearm option.

  • Lancer VS22: This high-velocity particle weapon offers an excellent anti-vehicle option against Vanguard Tanks and Harassers.

  • Lasher X2: This heavy gun fires slow-moving but powerful plasma orbs that deal explosive damage. Perfect for flushing out fortified enemies behind engineer walls or embankments.

  • NS Decimator: This powerful rocket launcher offers packs a big punch against enemy vehicles and equipment.

  • NSX Daimyo: This 3-round sniper rifle offers excellent accuracy and a significant head shot bonus with single-shot kill potential.

Check out the full blog post here. If you missed it, check out our interview with the team here.


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