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PlanetSide 2's Major New Update, With New Continent Oshur, Now Looking at a Release in January

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The Rogue Planet Games team originally intended for the Oshur update for PlanetSide 2, to release in December, bringing a new continent and water systems to the game. However, on a recent dev stream discussing the state of the development on the update, the remaining work and holiday vacation time off, means that they're pushing it back and planning a release in January.

They're still looking to test the new continent and the content with a closed testing group this month, but they believe that public testing will be held in early January before a public test in early January. According to the  development update the team posted, water testing on PTS didn't reveal any surprises and most of the other elements seem to be going along well.

This week, all countdowns will be reset for a January targeted release. While development is progressing, the team says that it's more of a goal than a hard deadline right now, but the aim is still to release the Oshur update next month.

One thing that does seem to come through is that although there's still work to be done, there don't seem to be too many surprises so far. Additional environmental elements like lighting and fog are still a work in progress as seen in released screenshots, but the delay into January seems more like a holiday timing as well as just making room for the update to breathe in development instead of rushing it out to the community. Adding something huge like water is going to require testing so the team slowing down isn't unexpected considering the size and scope of the pending update.

This week's new patch out tomorrow will also start the Auraximas event, and feature some fixes and balance changes. For more, see the announcement over at PlanetSide 2. 


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