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PlanetSide 2's Latest Update Revamps its Warzone Rotation System, Adds New Members Bundles

Casey Bell Posted:
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PlanetSide 2’s latest update dropped earlier this week and it’s also the first since Toadman Interactive took over the game’s development from Rogue Planet Games last month.

The new update most significant feature is a revamp of the game’s Warzone rotation system. In the previous iteration of the system, warzones rotated in a predictable manner, but now the team has added new settings that allow them to adjust the frequency of selected Warzones. Most of the time this rotation will mirror its typical “oldest next” pattern, but it will occasionally shuffle.

The team has also added new music inspired by the original PlanetSide’s Main Title theme to Sanctuary in celebration of the franchise’s anniversary.

Member bundles have been added following the discontinuation of PlanetSide 2’s Prime bundles. These bundles are available for 10 certs each and will feature previously offered Prime bundles on a monthly cadence. The first Member Bundle, which will be available from May 15 to May 31, includes the NSX Fusion Blade and Deadeye Helmet. A limited time 21st Franchise Anniversary Bundle (May 17 to  June 4) is also available and includes a variety of themed items for 599 DBC.

There are a number of other new store items and also bug fixes in the update. Read the full patch notes for all the details.


Casey Bell