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PlanetSide 2's Latest Update Also Celebrates 20-Years of the PlanetSide IP

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Back on May 20, 2003, the original PlanetSide was released. Today, PlanetSide 2 got its Fortification update on PC, and the update also celebrates 20 years of PlanetSide.

To begin the celebrations, on the anniversary, May 20th, the official PlanetSide and PlanetSide 2 soundtracks will be added to all major streaming platforms, including ones like TikTok. Today, the 20-Year Legacy Event Directive begins and this year's anniversary event has a number of ways to complete it. 

  • Helping Hand - Heal teammates or repair their structures, deployables, and vehicles to earn this ribbon.
  • Hot Drop - Earn this ribbon by deploying friendly troops to the battlefield where they earn kills!
  • Hold the Line - Earn this ribbon for capturing and defending control consoles, and for killing enemies around them during a continent Meltdown Alert.
  • Module Mastery - Earn this ribbon by installing, overloading, or disarming construction modules.
  • Focused Assault - Earn kills during a continent Meltdown Alert.
  • Apex Predator - Earn kills using "Apex" weapons.
  • Foothold - Capture construction facilities.
  • Building Blocks - Deposit Cortium into a Silo in a contested region.
  • Armored Duel - Kill or assist in killing enemy vehicles while in a vehicle yourself.

Also starting today through May 21st, all players get double XP.  This should help a lot while you complete those activities and get yourself some loot. If you complete this year's Legacy Directive, you will get to unlock the NS-D Helios heavy weapon. This weapon is the newest addition and is based on the original PlanetSide “Dragon” flame weapon. If you miss it during the anniversary event, it will be unlockable later.

Aside from the anniversary content, today's update overhauls the entire construction system, and to make it easier to check out the revamped construction options, there are new one-time tutorial missions. The island of Oshur also got a number of updates to bases and terrain, in order as a response to community feedback. While the anniversary update celebrates a milestone, there’s a lot of practical stuff in there too. 

Read the notes at PlanetSide 2.


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