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PlanetSide 2 Update Fixes Some Oshur Issues and Helps Out Squeezed Defenders in Facilities

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for PlanetSide 2 is out now, and this update focuses on changes from feedback from the reception to the recent release of Oshur.

Reactions to the release of Oshur has been mostly positive, according to the update from lead designer Wrel. While the type of gameplay that they released with Oshur, a “logistics heavy, strategy rich, and combined arms experience”  doesn't quite gel for all players, the support received seems that they've mostly hit their goal on what they wanted this release to be. The team still wants feedback though, as they plan to continue making changes and additions as needed.

Speaking of feedback, there have been new changes to Oshur. Many of them are cleanup or quality of life changes such as making sure the world map thumbnail no longer says “PLACEHOLDER”. But other things that add to the experience including now being able to hear footsteps on the flotilla bastions, the capture time on Wellerman Watch is now equal to most large outposts. a new ammo tower at Sibo Interlink, and a new no construction zone that will prevent players from building on a campaign-related island. Some of the graphics and objects have been cleaned up as well.

Changes to the facilities are a little more functional with the Interlink facilities being changed to give the defenders more room to be able to push out of the spawn room and interact with more of the facility. The interior spaces have also been segmented a little more to close off some of the longer sightlines and making capture point flow better. There's also additional cover from aircraft added on the roof of the spawn room oh, and the spawn room itself has a sniper's perch on the top floor. Both of these changes will help things get off to a better start without squeezing defenders too tightly..

Also in the update, the Lunar New Year adds tiger themed goodies to the Depot, with the Tigerstrike Decimator, with its decal and banner.

Read the full list of changes over at PlanetSide 2.


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