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PlanetSide 2 Takes Us to Oshur, With New Water Mechanics, and a New Continent in Massive New Update

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PlanetSide 2 is taking us to Oshur, with the new Expedition: Oshur content live today. The new continent has been in development for a while, with the Rogue Planet games team initially delaying its release until they could do right by the water and the terrain.

Last weekend was the final round of playtesting for the expedition update and today you can access the lost isles of Oshur, which is the first water-based content in PlanetSide 2. The terrain varies in Oshur with areas representing  tropical, savannah, and coral reef biomes. The map will allow 900 players waging war by land, air, and sea. This update provides the first functional water content that will lead players to strategize using the new mechanics for attacking from below and above in the new territory.

The new chapter for the second campaign will focus on the return to Oshur, the island itself which was evacuated in the early part of the Auraxian war. This will help players get to know the map and acclimate to the new mechanics, including the big water update.

With all of the new water mechanics and water-based warfare opportunities, of course weapons and vehicles weren’t left out. Every vehicle and projectile will work with these new mechanics, and there are four new underwater infantry weapons. One of these is the UBR – 100 Frogman, which is a new underwater assault rifle.

There are two base archetypes on the islands. These two facilities, the Interlink Outpost and the Trident Relay are major destinations and key features of the update. The  Interlink Outpost  is a small infantry area with dense cover that has narrow entry and exit points. On the other hand, the Trident Relay is a tall spire. In order to reach it with any hope of doing battle, you will need aircraft.

For a full look at the content, head over to PlanetSide 2: Expedition Oshur.


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