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Planetside 2 Releases Auraximas Holiday Patch to PTS - Soon headed to Live

Expect it Live Sometime This Week

Steven Weber Posted:
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Planetside 2’s holiday content has hit the Public Test Server, and will likely be headed to live soon. The event will have thematic decorations in Sanctuary, holiday missions, the return of Snowman and seasonal equipment.

Players can get a taste of what’s to come on the PTS as the Auraximas Holiday content is available now in preparation of the live release planned for later this month. Here is a short list of what Auraximas is bringing to Planetside 2 this year:

  • Snowmen Return - Snowman (and Snowman made of... stone?) are appearing once again throughout the battlefields of Auraxis. Destroy these frosty fiends for bonus experience, and you may occasionally stumble across a rare Golden Snowman, which might offer up a special surprise.
  • Sanctuary - The social hub of Sanctuary reveals new lights, sounds, and hidden presents that you can claim a reward from once a day!
  • Holiday Missions- 'Tis the season for giving, and new daily missions will help you spread holiday cheer from Sanctuary to Auraxis. In addition, each of these completed missions contribute to a new holiday directive!
  • New Directive - New rewards and updated challenges await you for the duration of the Auraximas holiday.
  • Seasonal Equipment - Special equipment is available this holiday season, including gift-wrapped C4, cookie-box themed ammunition packs, and a deployable Tactical Snowman.
  • Holiday Depot Items- In the Depot you'll find new holiday items as well, like the Snowflake Lumifibers, Northwind Tire Trails, and a sleigh full of holiday horns, camos, weapons, and cosmetics.

There are also plenty of infantry adjustments, changes, fixes and additions that are going to hit the live game during the next patch as well, so if you’re wondering what’s coming, head on over and read the entirety of what they’re working on for the next Planetside 2 patch.

You can also check out the Shattered Warpgate content that has been tasked with revitalizing the game as it rebuilds its playerbase, with more players returning to the battle, according to the Planetside 2 team.


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