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Planetside 2 Marks 9th Anniversary with New Update and Second-Ever Campaign

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PlanetSide 2 is celebrating its 9th anniversary with special bonuses, free stuff,  a developer live stream, and the game's second ever campaign. All of this comes ahead of the expansion in December that will take us to Oshur.

The announcement comes with a reflection on 2021 having been a challenging year with key departures from the development team and an intention to revisit what was missing in the game, community feedback, and progress towards study contents and shoring up elements of the game that needed work.  and it's with that note that they announce the second ever campaign in the nine-year history since the game launched on November 20th 2012.

To celebrate, there’s double XP for everything from today through November 25th. If you like decorating your armor or vehicles, there’s also a free commemorative decal. If you'd like to pick up some anniversary items from the shop, there are some new bundles with a little bit of a maritime theme to go along with the update and what’s ahead.

To the centerpiece of this update, the campaign, Distant Shores. The campaign goes into the continent of Oshur and its history and what has gone into bringing it back. If you complete it you'll have a chance at new Cosmetics, faction specific abilities, and more. The team intends to release chapters individually going forward, instead of just unlocking the whole campaign at once. Members will get access to every chapter for free, while you can unlock chapters individually if you choose. Their goal is to have old campaigns to remain playable or to be able to be brought back, so  expect more campaigns in the future.

There's also a live stream today on Twitch at 2 p.m. Pacific with the devs previewing Oshur and answering questions.

For more on the full update, including specifics for PS4 players, and fixes in today's patch, see the notes over on Planetside 2.


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