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PlanetSide 2 Adds New Empire-Specific Rifles and Marks 19 Years of the PlanetSide Franchise With Double XP

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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PlanetSide 2 is marking the 19th anniversary of the PlanetSide franchise with the latest Legacy update and a series of bonuses. The update also adds new Empire-specific weapons and adjusts spawn rules a little bit, likely on a temporary basis as they investigate performance issues.

The original PlanetSide was released on May 20th 2003 and the start of the war in Auraxis. The celebration kicks off with a double experience event from today, May 18th through May 26th where all players will get double XP. members will also get additional Double XP days from May 27th through May 29th. You will also be able to get a couple of free gifts, the NS-11C and NS Harrower for free by using the code LEGACY2022. 

There are new Empire-Specific Anti-Materiel rifles added with this update. The Terran Republic gets the DAGR-81, a way to counter long-range opposition quickly. Vanu Sovereignty gets the VX4-3 Slicer, which fires a plasma blade good for cutting through organic materials and striking armor. The New Conglomerate gets the LA60 Masthead, which is a balanced rifle that could prevent the possibility of repair for MAX units and infantry deployables.

In the Depot, you can relive the history of PlanetSide with a special Legacy bundle up for sale with a six-month experience boost, new cosmetic takes on some classic weapons, three “Perfect” exceptional implants usable account-wide, and more.

The main navigation menu also got some polish based on player feedback. You'll notice some of the menu options are in different places, currencies will not be visible in the upper right area without needing to use a drop-down, and when you click the logout button it will prompt you to return to the character select screen or close out and exit.

The PlanetSide 2 team has also made some spawn changes that will likely be temporary as they continue to gather data and investigate overall performance issues. Expects that Legacy spawn rules will be back for a bit (as they were post-Oshur) and all valid hard spawns will pop at the same time, putting less strain on the servers.

You can read the full notes over at PlanetSide 2. 


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