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Plains of Prophecy Announced as 14th Expansion

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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EverQuest 2 is getting ready to expand again for the fourteenth time. The new expansion is called Plains of Prophecy that will send players to several locations including the Plane of Magic, the Plane of Innovation, Solusek Ro's Tower and the Plane of Disease. According to the latest Producer's Letter, this expansion is expected to launch this year, though details will be scarce until October.

As a result of the expansion's announcement, Kunark Ascending will be on sale at 50% off through October 9th. Players can also check in on the Plains of Prophecy prelude storyline that is already live. Players who finish it will receive a consumable bauble that will take one Ascension class from level 10 to 11. And, of course, it's always a good time to get your gear in order. The team will be providing weekly bonuses up to launch to help out with loot, experience, currency and more.

Lastly, to help get ready for PoP we will be doing a Name Purge on October 17th, 2017. If a character hasn’t logged in to the game within the last 5 years it will have a letter appended to the end of its name. Any characters that had their name changed will be able to change their name one time using the slash command ‘/rename’. We hope this helps clear up some unused names! If you have an old character and want to keep the name then all you have to do is log that character in by October 16th, 2017!  

Check out the rest of the news on the EverQuest 2 site.


Suzie Ford

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