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Pirates Set Sail

Keith Cross Posted:
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The folks over at World of Pirates have announced that they have added a new update that brings a number of features to the game including allowing players to leave their home nations and set sail as pirates.

Ready to sail under black colors!

Another big update adds more new features to "World of Pirates" and opens new possibilities for all players. The time has come to set sails as a real Pirate with the black flag on the mast! Yes! The bad guys are now able to leave their home nation and sail as a Pirate, doing jobs as a Pirate and being hunted as a Pirate.

But be alert! The life as a buccaneer is burdensome. You are hunted by all nations and you have to watch out for safe harbors to restock your resources.

And now all hands on deck! Cast off! Your 1st Officer commands to raise the flag and set the sails. Your mate has set the course to the open sea! Come on!

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Keith Cross