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Piles of Loot Await As Torchlight: Infinite Enters Open Beta

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Torchlight: Infinite has entered open beta today, and the ARPG offers plenty of action, and plenty of loot on both mobile and PC.

Open beta follows several rounds of closed beta testing and feedback. Developer XD Games also recently brought developer and ARPG veteran David Brevik on as a Consulting Producer to usher things along in development and to get it right.

Working to capture the feel and spirit of Runic Games’ original Torchlight series, Torchlight: Infinite promises action-packed dungeon crawling, memorable heroes, lots of customization possibilities for builds, and of course, loot. Lots of loot. There’s no forgetting the treasure in a Torchlight title.

The team marks the open beta release with a new cinematic trailer. Taking place in the ancient City of Ichi, a dungeon (of course), we get an introduction to just some of the heroes and what awaits once you get into some of these huge and challenging storage units for treasure. Being a cinematic, it’s designed to give a taste of the action the game has in store, and there’s a touch of story and destiny added for some flavor.

Naturally, the team is actively highlighting the loot in much of its promotion, because it’s an ARPG and they know that we’re here for the challenge but expect to be paid for our efforts to build effective heroes and get through dungeons.

Since this is an open beta, a final launch is still in the works. There will be no wipes and all player progress will carry over into the final version when it's ready to be released. 

Torchlight: Infinite is a bit of a continuation and soft reboot of Runic’s series, and this reimagining is now open to all. The open beta is accessible on PC via Steam and direct download from the official site. Mobile versions are available for iOS and Android. 


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