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Phantasy Star Online 2 Spring Event Brings New Quests, a 5-Star Lumiere Weapon, and Progression Bonuses

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It’s time for the spring seasonal event in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. The event kicks off today with decorations, themed maps, new mischief symbols, and of course lots of seasonal rewards.

Among the rewards you can earn is a new five star rarity Lumiere weapon that will feature the light attribute, which means it will be strong against seasonal enemies weak against light. If you complete Urgent events and Trigger quests, including the limited time spring Urgent quest, you can earn an event exclusive scratch ticket. Rewards from the event spring ‘22 ticket include weapon camos, and other items like Nightblossom Varie weapon camp, magical poses, and more. Some of these prizes may be available in other tickets in the future.

There are also a series of event campaigns that will run from today through March 22 and boost your goals and progression during the first half of the spring event. Limited time tasks include campaigns to join an Alliance, a pre-announced Urgent quest, the Spring limited time login bonus campaign, and a campaign to enhance your gear through enhancement lists.

Central City is already decorated for spring and the new Urgent quest, Flurry of Flowers Clean Up Op is now available along with the limited time quest Drill: Flurry of Flowers Clean Up Op and a number of limited time tasks, including dailies and weekly quests.

Seasonal enemies will be marked with seasonal symbols and you’ll find that they have different elemental weaknesses than usual. Meet the cute Hululu Rappy or venture deep into Aelio and Retem to face Dread Enemies. Take on the Veteran Ard Banser, Veteran Bigg Frogga, and Veteran Chiacurio in Central Aelio or the Veteran Kelkundo and Veteran Svadi Scythe in Retem.

The second half of the spring event will begin on March 23rd, ahead of the next major content update next month. For more details on enemies, rewards, and quests in the first half, see the announcement over at PSO2: New Genesis.


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