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Phantasy Star Online 2: Sandstorm Requiem Coming December 15th, Special Events on Now

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Phantasy Star Online 2 : New Genesis will get its first major update, Sandstorm Requiem, on December 15th. This update introduces the new region of Retem, increases the level cap, adds new skills, a new title system, and more. 

Sandstorm Requiem adds the new region and as the title hints at, Retem is a desert, one filled with sand dunes, canyons, and terrain that will be treacherous. The weather and resources are worth exploring because things are very different than what anyone is used to. There are new enemies, like Fortos Launcher, Fortos Laser: DOLLS, Metius: DOLLS, and more, all featuring heavy artillery, and a new field, Retem Region.

All classes will now have a level cap of 35 and every class gets a new class skill. There will also be three elemental techniques added to the existing ones. Expect wind, light, and dark to join the fire ice and lightning already in the game.

There will be a new title system where you can earn and unlock new titles based on in-game achievements. You can show these off as you get new titles for meeting goals like killing a certain number of enemies. There are also now World Trials, which will occur on all ships. These trials will differ from the normal ones because they will happen over multiple sectors and in an extended period of time. Finish everything within the time limit for some rewards.

To mark the upcoming launch of the update, there is a Get Ready for Retem! special event running where you can collect rewards and set yourself up for the new content. this runs through December 14th. There’s also a Christmas update with festive decor all around Central City and new loot and cosmetics to celebrate.

For more on Get Ready for Retem! and the coming update, see this announcement over at Phantasy Star Online 2 : New Genesis


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