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Phantasy Star Online 2 Plans Episode 6 Update December 9th - New Classes and Increased Level Cap!

Level 95 Phantom Here We Come!

Steven Weber Posted:
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It seems like only yesterday that Phantasy Star Online 2 Global released the Hero class for players to play, but now, two more classes will be joining the game with the Etoile and Phantom class finally reaching the western shores. In addition to new classes the level cap will be increased to 95.

New classes are just a taste of all of the content being released in Episode 6. Players will get to battle for the fate of ARKS and maybe even the Universe, as the next chapter unveils a massive undertaking that takes place in space. To that end new enemy types with hefty attacks, thick armor, and unique skills will challenge players along the way.

For the Summoners, two new pets will also be available, and a new set of quests will be available for all players which will include a Level Up Quest that will reward special presents and provide an additional 200% XP bonus.

Episode 6 will release December 9th, but players can hop in and play the Road to Episode 6 campaign to gear up for the next set of challenges ahead.


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