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Phantasy Star Online 2 Outlines Some Abilities in New Genesis

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Over the past several weeks leading up to tomorrows Prologue Stream, the official Phantasy Star Online 2 twitter account has been posting little teasers of abilities that players will utilize to great effect in New Genesis.

The tweets outlined several different abilities, and in some cases, these abilities are available to multiple classes, such as Resta, Foie, and more. While many of these abilities are available in PSO2 now, the new teasers show off the updated Technique effects, and some of the movement abilities and new fluid Photon Arts as well. One of the abilities that will now be available for all classes, is the Diving Attack, shown below:

Techniques for all elements have had some of their abilities improved, like a new chain explosion for Foie, as shown in the video below:

They also posted videos for the Ice and Electricity techniques, complete with revamped animations:

If you’re a Photon Art user, SEGA has posted some details on how to utilize Twin Machine Guns chain-attack so that you can build to a Chain-Finish as well.

The new take on combat for some of the well-known weapon sets will certainly make veterans and new players of the game excited, as many of the features they’ve come to love about the legacy Phantasy Star Online 2 game are being changed or tweaked to great effect in New Genesis. We can’t wait to see what else they will divulge in tomorrow’s stream, as the first Prologue Stream was very informative.


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