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Phantasy Star Online 2: NGS' Next Update is a Must For New and Returning Players

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SEGA unveiled their next significant update for the free-to-play online action RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), set to launch on December 6. This update will have some new content for current players but the focus is to get new and returning players caught up with the constantly unfolding story.

The reveal was part of the pre-recorded NGS Headline video, which was delivered in Japanese but translated in English for ease of understanding. The key improvements include an easier path to raising Battle power and the ability to obtain the coveted Gold Primm II items and Arms Refiners II so that players can take on the high level content much more quickly than before. Starting December 6th, players will have increased chances to acquire powerful equipment, which are essential for navigating through the latest campaigns and storylines on their journey up to Level 70.

If you’ve been playing and you’ve missed out on some of the rare item drops, you’ll be glad to know that the recently added and highly sought-after 10-star Flugelgard series of weapons will be included in the increased drop rates as well as 9-star weapons. Additionally, the update introduces more opportunities to acquire Avatar items, significantly expanding the multitude of customization options for avatars that the game has.

The stream also unveiled a revamp to the Bouncer class, new elements to the Leciel exploration, and a new enhancement system where players will get to choose what kind of additional effects they want to apply to their Photon Arts and Techniques. Weapons and armor will also get an enhancement boost to level 80.

But wait, there’s more, the 2.5th Anniversary Campaign, dubbed the Super Genesis Festival, begins on December 6th as well and will run through January 24, 2024. During this time players will be able to use the Salon as much as they want free of charge, they’ll obtain some login gifts like material storage expansion tickets, and increased rare drop rates for Urgent Quests, and some Super Treasure Scratch Tickets. ARKS Defenders will also be treated to plenty of Christmas and winter-time fun as well, with many areas throughout the game prepped and ready for the holidays. 

In keeping with its commitment to a global audience, the Global version of PSO2: NGS will continue to feature fully localized text and character voices in English and the Global version will remain in sync with the Japanese servers, ensuring a unified gaming experience. It looks like December is ramping up to be one of the best for new and returning players to PSO2: NGS.


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