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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Unveils Tundra Region, Kvaris, New Enemies, Weapons, and Snowboarding

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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A new Headline for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis reveals details about the June 8th update, including much more about the new snowy mountain region of Kvaris. And snowboarding. The update is a big one, in addition to the new region, there are the first 6-star weapons, new enemies, and new challenges.

A new region coming  is always an opportunity to expand the world, the lore, and to add a whole series of options. Kvaris presents a much different environment than the last added region of Retem. Where Retem is a dry, mountainous desert with enemies that fit the terrain, Kvaris is a tundra. You should expect a lot of snow and ice in the region and, of course, new enemies. One of the new bosses previewed is the Crocodylis, a beast that also uses a giant turret. Other new enemies in the update include Proctys Ael and Proctys Retem and Alters, enemies resembling birds that use wind in their attacks.

The new region also comes with a new chapter of The Story. Chapter 3 will set you off to head to the Kvaris region, a place that had a capital that predated Central City. That capital fell and much was lost after the war with DOLLS. You’ll set up in the Kvaris Camp as your base. There is lore to explore, locals to meet, a story that has you looking for a missing researcher, and new player actions: Throw, and riding some floating boards, which lets you snowboard through the new environments. 

Given that the new region is an icy tundra, the new NPCs you’ll meet, including Meri and Kukka, will be somewhat isolated, and even a bit suspicious.  but you'll be able to get to know them and maybe get their help. Other features of the update include the first sets of 6-star Rarity weapons. Eventually, there will be special materials required to sell or trade. 

For more, see the new NGS Headline video, and head to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.


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