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 Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Stellar Grace World Trial is Now Running, With Bonuses

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis has launched its latest event, the Seasonal World Trial: Stellar Grace Recovery Operation. 

This World Trial will be snowy and appropriate for winter and you will have to recover Stellar Grace throughout for various items and special rewards like boost effects. The event runs in  24-hour periods, from 10 AM to 9:59 AM the next day. The 24-hour period after that is a boost day. Then another gathering day happens. This cycle will continue through the end on January 25th.

You’ll collect Stellar Grace, up to 30, that appear in the exploration sectors. You can earn the S. Grace boost up to 10%. But if you want the best, you can get an S Grace boost all boost effect if you're able to complete all of the objectives during the 24 hour event trial.

However, the team acknowledges that there is a problem with the title task Stellar Grace Recovery Specialist. This title task was not added properly so this bug will be fixed in a future update since the event is already running and it would be difficult to fix this bug during the event.  

Due to the problem, Sega will be figuring out how to compensate players for this issue as well as a different bug for this similar problem. Points for the title task in the Winter ‘22 Point Collector were not awarded. Seasonal points earned prior to completing the task Winter is Coming weren’t actually added to the points accumulated for the Collector title.

Both of these similar bugs will be compensated for after they are fixed. However, the Stellar Grace recovery World Trial will  wrap at its scheduled time. 

The Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis website will also be overhauled on the 25th, promising  a new site that is more intuitive and easier to navigate.

For more on the Stellar Grace event World Trial, see the update here.


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