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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Spring Event in March, Big Content Update in April

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The latest Phantasy Star Online 2: New GenesisHeadline contained some special announcements including the Spring Seasonal event this month and the game’s next big update coming to Retem and Aelio in April.

The first half of the Spring Seasonal event kicks off on March 6th. This event is different than previous years because the spring 2022 event features no cap on seasonal points. There is also a special booster you can buy called Balloonimix that you can use to increase the seasonal points you earn. One of the rewards you can obtain from the event is a new 5 Star Rarity Lumiere weapon which has the light attribute that you can use against enemies that have weakness to light. There are new maps, event quests, Urgent Quests, and Trigger Quests including the Spring Urgent Quest. The second half of the spring event begins on March 23rd.. This will lead up to the April 6th update which brings some big changes.

First up is the level cap, which will be going up to 45. There will also be Photon Arts, with one Photon Art added to most weapons. Rods, tails, and wands will not receive Photon Arts but will receive a different type of bonus with Compound Techniques, powerful class skills that you can activate by using a power gauge.

The region of Retem is also getting several big updates including new high-ranked sectors to the combat sector, to new Retem Urgent Quests in the higher-ranked sectors and of course other new challenges, including a now level 49 Gigantix. The creatures in those new high-ranked sectors are there to test you. They will increase the attack and defense of other enemies around them, but if you can get the upper hand and defeat them, you will get significant rewards including Meseta and you have a chance at an Arms Refinery drop.

For more, you can see the full Headline video and check out the events info at Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.


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