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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Launches Overlord Collaboration and Events Marking 10 Million ARKs

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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is opening weeks of events to mark 10 million ARKs, and launching its latest collaboration, this time with dark fantasy anime, Overlord.

The anime has recently started its fourth season and has a new movie adaptation. Lord style campaign will include avatar items from characters Ainz and Albedo,  themed weapon camo, stamps, and voice tickets. If you are looking to adopt the style of these characters in this dark fantasy anime series, you can be ready to equip your characters with this new cosmetic here. The weapon camo turns your weapons into familiar objects themed from the show and there's even a new emote you can get.

These special collaboration items will be distributed through AC scratch tickets starting today.

Sega is also holding a special event to celebrate the global  community of 10 million ARKs in PSO2. Today kicks off a number of global events to celebrate reaching this mark. From now through December 6th, there’s a login bonus campaign that will let you get Autumn ‘22 SP scratch tickets and bundles of SG just for logging in. There will be limited time tasks as well, which will make 1,000 SG in reach. There are special limited time tasks released each week during the event celebration. The first is live, the second comes on 11/22, and the final one will be added on November 30th. Doing these increases the SG you can win.

There are also boost events that will change each week. Like the limited-time tasks, one of these will be added per week and you will have that time to complete it. During the first boost event, which is live now, you will get a 50% bonus to most EXP you earn across all sectors, with double EXP in effect in some sectors. The second week will boost rare drop rates and seasonal points, XP in some combat sectors,  and the final week  will feature other bonuses.

Read the full event notes over at Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.


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