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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is Getting Buildable, Customizable Player Housing Friends Can Visit

There's a preview of the upcoming fourth region, Stia too.

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Sega is looking ahead when it comes to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, with the announcement of a major player housing update, Creative Space, coming next spring. The game will also get a brand new Sonic collaboration for the release of Sonic Frontiers next month.

Creative Space was announced and previewed in the latest NGS Headline. You can see  the video preview from around 30:57 to 33:25, followed by details from the presentation. These spaces are personal quarters you can place and build. They’re essentially customizable player housing, and friends can come visit you in-game. This adds another aspect of the game that builds community, and the preview showed off a variety of  options, from small, personal spaces, to large plotted, multi-floor homes.  The preview also showed characters doing a little bit of terraforming and customizing the spaces around their homes, so this feature looks to change PSO2 when it is out.

While Creative Space is a major change, things will look a little familiar when Sega opens a new Sonic collaboration. Sonic Frontiers will launch on November 8th and Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will celebrate beginning November 9th. Expect details to come, but there will be special collaboration items and scratch tickets, as well as giveaways and more similar to previous Sonic collaboration events. 

Also in November are scheduled fall events, including festive decorations for Central City, new weapons (including 7-star weapons) , seasonal Rappy, a limited time seasonal point exchange for rewards, and more. There will also be some limited time quests and challenges, like new field races, to keep you busy.

Looking further ahead to December, there's also a new preview with some new details on the fourth region, Stia. Stia is a volcanic region full of lava and ash, and we can expect world bosses and other challenges awaiting there, along with new characters and chapter 4 of the story.

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