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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Getting Big New Quest Content, New Story, and Custom Alliance Spaces

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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis previewed what’s on the way in August.  We can expect the next part of the main story to continue, Alliance Spaces, new weapons, new limited time quests, and more content to come.

Chapter 6, part 2 of the main story will become available on August 2nd. The region leaders are meeting and Crawford announces that Manon will return. Aina  is happy about this and looking forward to Manon’s return. The three main characters’ future is to be determined, though.  Questions will be answered with mini episodes, each centering around the main characters, showing how they react to the aftermath of the battle on Leciel.

Leciel Exploration is new content for up to eight players on the floating island of Leciel. This instanced quest takes place on a random map that requires cooperation and team collaboration in order to get through. Once there, your group will want to acquire ability buffs to give you and your teammates an edge within a time limit. Get as buffed as possible, then venture forth to take on bosses, each with their own buffs, on your way to defeat the ultimate boss. Even if you don't beat the boss in time, you'll still get rewards based on damage done.

When Creative Spaces were added, players got the opportunity to create their own customized islands to build on and terraform however they like. This time, Alliance Spaces are on the way. This is a Creative Space for use by, you guessed it, Alliances. 

These will be separate from your personal Creative Space, so Alliances with four or more members can create these separate group spaces. They come with a bulletin board for easy communication among members, and are similarly customizable with Build Parts and themes. The island’s theme can be changed from Aelio to Retem with the introduction of Alliance Spaces. 

Some limited time events also arrive. Blazing Battle sets up to four players against waves of enemies around Kanai Isle. A Ruins Interception is a 24 player limited time quest that will pit you against Megalotix Crocodylis Vera and Ams Vera.

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