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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Decorates for Autumn and Offers Quests and Loot All Month

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is welcoming autumn and giving a peek at what September has in store for the game. Expect seasonal events, limited time quests, new scratch tickets, and festive decor.  

As of today, Central City and Aelio have been transformed with seasonal autumn decor. Expect Central City decorations and new seasonal rappies–Moongaze Emperappy, Moongaze Rappy and Moongaze Great Rappy–just in time for the moon-viewing festival of Otsukimi. 

The new limited-time event has its navigator in Xitre, who has a Happi coat with a Rappy. This concerns supply chain issues because aggressive seasonal enemies are causing trouble. It’s up to you to help, so keep in mind that the Augment Sezun Automfevre '23 Going to go a long way against the seasonal enemies.

The Field Race Dreisen Plant Board (Stage 1) is also here, with a solo challenge that has ARKS Records. Also happening is the Limited-time Quest Drill: Unidentified Region A32. Here, Take part in a rapid saturation attack mission quest similar to Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense, if you’ve done that one. If you haven’t, it will be similar to other missions as well, so you'll be able to participate for quest points, seasonal points, titles, and scratch tickets.

On September 13th, expect Limited-Time Quest – Drill: Moonlight Invasion '23. This updates last year’s co-op quest with enhanced enemies and rewards. The following week, on September 20th,  Limited-Time Quest - Caldera Clean-Up Op offers a new quest set in Stia for up to 24 players. This one is a big one, transport trucks are breaking down and enemies attacking and growing stronger. You'll have to travel to the location, cover the transport trucks as they undergo repair and complete the quest.

Finally, on September 23, take on another updated event. Limited-Time Quest – Drill: Autumn Night Aelio Defense '23 will open up, featuring an enhanced quest from last year.  This is another rapid saturation attack mission. Success here will unlock limited time quests and title tasks.

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