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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Adds Waker Class, Who Changes Fighting Styles and Has a Powerful Combo

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 Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis has added the Waker class in its latest update.  The new class can change its combat focus from long range to short range, or even more defense-heavy and counter attacks, through the use of three Familiars. There’s even a special combo move.

The new class uses the Harmonizer to summon three different Familiars for support in different circumstances in battle. Familiars are photon life-forms, and while they are distinct types, they’re not like pets. There’s no need to raise or feed them. Be prepared to call on them when the battle circumstances require it. There are three that the Walker can use, Wulfen, Fredran, and Marmelo. By using the Harmonizer you can change your fighting style to meet your needs.  

Call up Fredran and Wulfen via Photon Arts. Marmelo requires you use Weapon Action. If you’re looking for long-range attacks, Fredran is who you want. Wulfen is best for short range strategies. Marmelo can both defend and counterattack. All three have a Harmonizer Focus Gauge, which they fill up by attacking or defending. If you fill up the gauges for Fredran and Wulfen, they can use a special move together. They’ll combine for Familiar Harmony, a powerful move for those tight moments or when you want to flex and end battles on a high note.

In addition to the new class, the update also features a new side story,  “Favors of the Five” and some mini episodes. if you’ve finished the most recent chapter of the main story, you can access these character-driven new bites of content.

There are also a few quality of life updates including sorting functions in the main menu, simple model changes, add-on skills per class, the ability to redeem multiple scratch tickets at once, and some more ARKS ID options.

Find out more over at Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.


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